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Ducky said that texting drivers should lose their phones and their cars.  Do you agree?

Solving the Case
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What is the best procedural on television?

What is the best procedural on television?

What grade would you give NCIS Season 11?

This season has been quite different from the previous ones. What grade would you give it?

What was your favorite scene in this episode?

The season finale of NCIS had a number of great scenes. Which one stands out as your favorite?

Did Tony immediately see through Inspector Cheblis' lies?

Inspector Cheblis was an enemy spy. Tony said "I know when people are lying to me". Did he immediately know that Cheblis was...

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I don't care about the dog. I do care about the said state of writing and directing on what "used to be" my favorite TV show. Put Gary, my current nomine for the director that jumped "under the shark", in a locked room and make him watch every season of this show from start to finish. Now, see if he gets why the show succeeded so well without him and his improvements. Maybe he will also realize that lousy scripts make for lousy episodes. Please fix this mess soon!!!