Is there any truth to the reporter's story about Peter cheating with a campaign worker?

Peter and Alicia

Peter must get a grip and get a hooker again. Peter and Alicia to be seperated again, Alicia and Will must have a steaming affair on a remote island or some sort, she and Will need some time alone and have some quality heart to heart talk, or Alicia just to rock up at his apartment and enjoy life. they need to show some emotion for one another. what happened to the call where Will said, "I love you"? Season 4 must have a better twist, the story line can change to Alicia in an accident , with Will by her bedside, Peter concentrating on the campaign, Diane focus on the firm or something like that
this is the best series ever, even better than 24, Shark, Suits etc and i have seen them all.
this is a brilliant series,


I was hoping we'd NEVER see Jackie again -- the woman is a sly, devious politician who would be happiest if Peter and the kids were living with her, letting her run their lives. Personally, I hope she jumps off a bridge while imagining herself covered with cockroaches :) I don't doubt Peter's been faithful - he has to be until he's in the governor's mansion, then he'll become an Eliot Spitzter and have hookers coming out of his ears.

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