Sookie has fallen for Eric because he lost his memory. Does this feel cheap, Team Eric members?

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    Cheap? Is this cheap way to get our attention? The relationship between Sookie and Eric give these two talented actors a creative outlet. Actors need change and challenge to get the attention of viewers. If you're stuck in a charater rut, fans tend to get bored. But the Sookie, Eric match-up brings a lot of excitedment and speculation to the direction of their relationship. It keeps fans wondering and that's what makes fans come back for more! Hit me with your best shot and I promise the success of this union will be a winning combination!


    IMO, it's not cheap at all. It's a way for Sookie to see him without his walls. It's not like she never knew Eric before and is just suddenly falling for amnesia Eric. She knew him and what he was capable of, both good and bad. She knows that he will not stay this way, she discussed it with him in the last episode. But she also knows this is a very real part of him. And this experience with Sookie will lead to growth for Eric as a character. And it will help break those walls down when he gets his memory back.


    no i do not think that Eric and Sookie's realationship is cheap i think its real and you can really see it when they are together that they truley love each other. their relationship is real and well Sookie and Bills was all a lie. its about darn time Sookie and Eric get some action. i had to suffer 3 seasons with Bill and Sookie its finialy time for Eric and Sookie.


    I love Eric and Sookie from the books and their transfer finally as a loving couple in True Blood the series. The writers need to remember on True Blood that Sookie still remembers no matter if Eric is showing the "sweet" side of himself with out vampire business or memories or not. This relationship for her will be a loss once Eric remembers but then that should take sometime due to the spell which makes Eric look for this heart's desire only to find it and not remember once the spell is removed. At least that's what the book indicates should happen next. I for one can't wait.


    Eric lost a considerable amount of memory...but that doesn't mean he isn't still Eric! He remembers the sea and being at home, so i think this amnesia episode is bringing out more of the human Eric, that is the Eric before he was /or just after he was turned. He's missing all the fucked up experiences of being a vampire - which may have hardened him and desensitized him but under all that he is still this amnesic Eric who is sweet and passionate and fiercely protective.


    I do not feel in any way whatsoever that it is "cheap". As a fan of both the series and the books I have enjpyed the Sookie/Eric relationship throughout since the beginning. I LOVE the way Alex has brought Eric to life onto the small screen. His portrayal has made me root for the characters Eric & Sookie to be together all the more. The chemistry between them is sizzling. Eric is who he is - no excuses. He is not perfect and that is what makes him so compelling, because he really does love Sookie and she has grown to love him warts and all. I know Alan Ball does not want to follow the books completely and the series is great and stands on it's own but....... Please let Eric & Sookie be the "It" couple. Not Bill & Sookie. This has been a great season so far...... Definitely teh talk of teh water cooler every Monday morning at work....


    The relationship between Eric Northman & Sookie Stackhouse is
    truely beautiful. Last week's Episode is one I've been waiting for 4 Season's.
    What we are seeing is the Eric Northman who is inside of the
    Owner of Fangtasia, the True Eric.
    Eric Northman who ownes Fangtasia is a facade,a face/image that
    he puts on for the visting vacationers & for the fangbangers.
    The Eric that has been cursed by the Witches is the Eric who can
    fall in love,who can have tender feeling for a women.
    Eric will never hurt Sookie,he never can or ever will.
    This is based upon that night on the rooftop in Dallas,when she
    promised him she'd stay with Godric while he met the Sun.
    Eric heart became hers that night.
    He never told her,but he is going to,the Witche's curse unlocked
    his True Self. The Human side of Eric Northman.
    When the curse is broken I would love it if what is left is
    50% old Eric & 50% Amnesia Eric,which = 100% Real Eric Northman.


    This isn't cheap! She had feelings for Eric before the amnesia and she'll continue to have feelings for him after he gets his memory back. You have to remember that Sookie's been through a hell of lot in the past year or 2. Sookie's guard was always going to be up around vampires because they'd hurt her so much in the past. The amnesia storyline wasn't created to fabricate feelings between these 2 because those feelings were already there. The amnesia storyline is there because this Eric is practically incapable of deceit. He's got the honesty that children have almost. Sookie can let herself fall for him like this because she knows that this Eric isn't capable of hurting her. I think she's trying to convince herself that he's a completely different person, but deep down she knows that this is the same Eric just without 1000 years of pain and suffering. Eric can finally be who he truly is without all the posturing that is required to stay alive in the vampire world. You'll see after he gets his memory back that Sookie will continue to have feelings for him and who knows if Eric will have his memories of this time with her, but regardless, it will change him and allow him to be his true self with her because he'll know that Sookie didn't completely reject him both at his worst (even after the Russel stuff, she still pulled Eric out of the sun) and his best (with the amnesia and him buying her house to save it for her). Sookie's seen all of Eric good and bad, and that will convince him that he can let his guard down around her so that the 2 of them can be together like they should be!


    No, because Eric has always had love for Sookie, he was just too controlled by what he grew into over 1,000 years. What you see know is Eric without all he other crap. Let's just hope that on the other side of this Eric retains a little more of his former self with the raw sexy power that makes the him the ultimate "Viking God" as Pam would say.


    no! this is still eric, just another part of his personality is being shown, thats all.