What grade would you give Hawaii Five-0 Season 2?

Chin at Work

Why is there so much time given to Masi Oka on Hawaii FIve-0? His character adds nothing but stupidity to the show. Such a ridiculous and boring actor.
Who is doing the make up for the actors? They look cheap. Look at the first season and see how naturally gorgeous they all are. Now, they have weird eyebrows penciled in and look like they've had a bit much of filler or botox. Let them look natural. They are charismatic actors and they come across as nice people. But who is doing the writing for this show? and editing? It's all over the place. The writing is made for 6th graders. Look at a few British crime TV shows and see the difference in writing. Don't make it British, just intelligent fun.Get some meat on the bones with the script. This show has all the right elements to really be amazing.

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