What did you think of Glee Season 3? Give it a grade now.

Glee Season Finale Scene

I loved season three of Glee. I thought over all it turned out well. Have to admit though I am a little bummed from every spoiler i have read about season four it looks like the show is having a major overhaul. That can either be good for a show or the death, and the outcome remains to be seen at the moment. I will be sad if they dont continue the story lines of the core characters Rachel,Finn,Kurt,Puck,Quinn,Mercedes,Santana...etc as well as adding new Characters in. unfortunatly my gut is telling me that this season three finale was a goodbye of shorts to the original format of the show and the original characters that everyone grew to love. I guess we will see this fall what happens!


I personally gave season 3 a B Specifically a B+. Season 3 was amazing i just hated the way it ended. It won't be the same anymore. My advice would for rachel to have followed her dreams, been in a few broadway shows, maybe even wrote one herself, Finn could have been in the army for a while and they meet up for Rachel's second year at nerotta and they get married come back and as being retired from broadway, both take over Will's job as Co Highschool Glee Directors. The would be the best eneding ever for Finchel. Now I do want Sam and Mercedes to go to college together and have kids as well as Quinn and Puck. I would like there to be a season when Artie finally starts walking. Glee should have a long run with the T.V. buisness. At least 23 seasons or so;) thankyou for your time


After season 2 everyone broken up or at odds, Season 3 was more refreshing many were more content and happy. Many with goals of some kind. IMO a more positive atmosphere most of the time. The multiple PSA's were a turn off. The multiple tributes as well. Some of the stories were far fetched and hard to grasp. But as a whole a Bminus. Much better than s2. As a fan of the main 4 characters s3 I was liking most of the story lines but not a real follower of the Finchel engagement one. I knew it wasn't going to happen because it was mentioned too many times. I was glad Finchel was together but not that storyline. No matter what happens over the summer, I'll be watching season 4. Just really interested how it will play out.


i gave it a C cuz i wanted to see more brittana


I was very disappointed in the final episode for season 3 probably will not watch season 4.

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