Revolution's midseason premiere is tonight after a four month break. Did it make the grade or fail?

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It's been a long wait, but all the shows seem to be doing this now so I've decided to stop anticipating their return. I think we're (the viewer) being played so they save money buy making fewer episodes. I'm also tired of violence for shock value. I was looking forward to watching Danny become the hero, he grew up alot after his capture and was capable of leading their little group of heroes eventually. Instead we get shocked with his violent, unnecessary death and then his mother cutting him open with a knife to remove a tracking devise(?). So does this mean that "someone" knew where he was all along? Then we see in previews of next week that mom leaves yet again. So much for the family being together again. I'm not sure what is planned for the rest of the season (or how many episodes?). Of course there will be more violence and blood and death, it is a tv show that wants to keep it's rating up but, why can't there be something a little deeper too.The first few episodes were fascinating to see how people survived by turning their lawn into gardens and having horses pull cars for transportation, the dr in town was the woman who knew something about herbs. Why can't there be conversations between the younger ones and the older ones about how life was before the lights went out? Am I wrong that we haven't heard those questions yet?

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