What did you think of the How I Met Your Mother season finale? Give it a grade now.

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I love barney, especially the magic trick where he proposed to Quinn. I thought Robin should have married Barney though. Lots of surprises are supposed to be coming in season 8!!!


Omg hated Quinn, really hope Barney marries Robin!!!!! Want it to work out sooooooo bad. Also, super happy Marshal and Lily had their baby. Love the middle name, wait-for-it...!!!!! But I dislike the thing w/ Victoria. Hope the writers get rid of her soon. I mean, she was charming in the beginning, but she just kept popping up randomly in different seasons and it WAS very unnatural.


doesnt anybody remember that ted meets his wife at barny's wedding and was in the class ted accidentally taught on the first day of his teaching job and was the roommates with that girl he was with for like a week? so it cant be victoria.


I think it was a nice ending because was shocking and something unexpected ( I'm refering to Barney and Robin ) but in my opinion the thing with Ted and Victoria was terrible ! Doesn't make any sense Ted stay with Victoria after all he passed through . Anyway , there will be season 8 ?


Okay... we're left with Barney marrying Robin... it's understandable, guys! You guys saw the moment they had right after the engagement announcment. Also, Ted is a jewbag. A JEWBAG! HE LEFT AT ALTAR AND NOW HE STEAL WOMAN FROM ALTER! I KILL YOU, TED!


Seriously, is anyone else sick and tired of Robin???
We get it, she's hot and Ted and Barney both liked her. Why do the writers feel that this needs to be revisited EVERY SINGLE SEASON?!?!?!
This ending totally ruined the joy of Marshall and Lily having a baby.


very happy that bride is robin i hated quinn


And now we're left with 2 relationships that we know won't work. I agree that this finale was terrible. Like the others said, Barney + Quinn > Barney + Robin.


Worst finale for a tv sitcom ever. Barney should have married Quinn, That thing with robin is very old and unnecessary. And, Ted goes back to Victoria, is like the writers have nothing more to write.


I thought the season 7 finale was terrible. A lot of the stuff going was sooo outrageously out there. Even for a show as outrageous as HIMYM. Everything seemed terribly rushed too. The Ted and Victoria thing seemed very.. unatural.