What did you think of the Alcatraz premiere? Give it a grade now.

Alcatraz Cast Pic

Oh dear. Just another attempt to exploit the populist belief that the only good prison inmate is a dead prison inmate. Why waste money on incarcerating people when you can just have any cop-on-the-spot shoot 'em dead? Maybe it has more up its sleeve, but if so, it isn't showing.


Holy cow. I have never seen a show so utterly horrible. On so many levels....actors, story line, ridiculous coincidences, the fat guy as the plucky side kick, the ugly chick. Please cancel it!


This is the worst TV Show I've EVER seen.
1st Digital figure prints did not start until early 1980s which blows chunks in the story were the female character (Rebecca Madsen) was able to pull up the suspect in the database on the computer system. The story line is so bad that it never had me half the crap. The actress playing Rebecca is so bad too. WTF.... Was the script so bad they couldn't get a decent actress to take the part? I know it’s a show, but COME ON..... if you’re going to make like it’s a recent everyday life then at least be realistic, but if you’re trying to add scfi to it then make us understand that. This whole this was fudged and confusing.

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