What did you think of the Beauty and the Beast pilot? Grade it now!

Beauty and the Beast Comic-Con Poster

It was like watching "Castle" meet "Grimm" with a little "Body of Proof" thrown in. All in all it was boring.


I didn't still watch the pilot, but the reviews are not so bad. I think, i'm gonna give it a chance, 'cuz i love Kristin Kreuk. Just for that.


What I liked a lot about it was that Kristen's character was not a damsel in distress. She kicked ass! I loved that! She is definitely no Elena Gilbert. She is plenty capable of taking care of herself. The subway fight scene was pretty awesome.
I think the pilot threw a lot out there maybe a bit too fast. I think maybe it should have taken her longer to find him and find out what he was. I'll keep watching though. I think people should give shows more of a chance than just the pilot.
The guy does remind me of Jared Padalacki though.



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