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Grade the Revenge Season 3 finale.

Whose Grave Is It?

The Revenge finale stretched the boundaries to breaking point on several fronts. Killing Aiden was difficult enough for Victoria, but where does she hide the muscles needed to bring him back to Emily's house and prop him up on the couch ? And as for Conrads priest disguise, it would have taken heavenly intervention to walk out of a secure prison so easily. Maybe he used up all his luck there because they kept the most bizarre and unbelievable twist for the end, David Clarke lives. In spite of being stabbed by the while haired man in front of dozens of other inmates. Whoever wrote the Bobby Ewing shower scene in Dallas all those years ago has a lot to answer for.
I was expecting a more lasting take down for Victoria. She'll be out and about before the end of the next episode ( as will Jack) to do battle with the combinded team of David and Amanda Clarke. Much as I love Revenge, I think they should have ended it at S3. Another series really stretches the credibility.

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Revenge Quotes

To carry a secret is to play with fire. Try to pass it on and you risk hurting someone else. Hold on to it and eventually you'll get burned.


[to Aiden] Hate is a lot like love. You can't force it. You can't fight it. You just have to embrace it when it comes along.

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