Clay Morrow has been shot. Do you think he's dead?

Mr. President

i agree with the guy who posted before me. I dont get the hate clay gets. these guys are members of a tough motorcycle gang, they are suppose to be cut throats and badasses........clay is the epitome of this. when you watch those documentaries about hells angels and the cycle khans they show you that these guys were shoot first ask question last type dudes who loved to fight and murdered like it was a hobby. i love his character and atleast he's a consistent bad ass unlike jax who is pussy-whipped half the time by his old lady


Why do people hate Clay so much? He's the hardest character ever man, I love him. Why don't people hate Juice, Potter, the cartel, Wendy, or even Gemma. I can't see how Clay is alive, but what I hope is that if he dies he first has some last words for Jax or something.

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