With Revolution now in its third episode is it still worth tuning in for? Or is it time to turn it off?

Revolution Cast Photo

Forget the critics! Revolution is the best show!


It is most definately still worth watching. It keeps me guessing on the edge of my seat.


Actually the show just got a full-season order, so instead of 13 episodes the season will consist of 22 episodes.I too liked the reference to Stephen King's The Stand characters Stu Redman and Frannie Goldsmith. The revelation that Miles used to be a co-founding member of the militia and the republic caught me completely by surprise.Nice twist that really made me like the character even more.On the other hand,for some reason Charlie's actions and behaviour really annoy me.


I kinda like the show, it has potential. Miles being a founder of the Monroe Republic was no surprise. I don't think it will last, they never give new shows enough time to catch on nowadays. Unless you get great numbers quickly you're toast. Of course the hype you see in the commercials is annoying, every new show is a #1 hit show or a break out hit.

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