And the Winner is?

Mark Harmon or Jon Cryer: Which CBS star do you love more? Cast your ballot in the CBS edition of our first annual Tournament of TV Fanatic!

Poll is now closed! Here are the results:

Mark Harmon

Jon Cryer

Total Votes: 3818

I do love watching Mark Harmon and yes he is a very sexy man. I often tell my friends that he is what I could see myself married to (I am single and probably too picky but I love me most *giggles*); however Jon Cryer makes me laugh and I watch 2.5 men often as well so I am going to call this one a draw because Jon Cryer is someone I could hang out with and have a blast to remember. I wouldn't be able to wipe the stupid grin off of my face in Mark Harmon's presence and even though I am an attractive woman, I would probably turn him off from "not being able to be myself" and just plain being "stuck on stupid". I have met a few famous people and held my composure but I think I would just land on Mark Harmon's face and faint... lol. It's important to be able to be in control and not embarrass myself and that side of me would go to Jon Cryer so it has to be a draw cause I could never vote against my dream or my good friend and I could be good friends with J.C. Whew, that was pretty much beyond my capacity of reason. I need a hug! Oh no, I still can't choose... who would I hug? Where is the light going??? AAAAAhhh! Need Abbey to help me figure this one out;)


gibbs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love mark harmon!!!!!! i wish he was my boss that would be awesome i would care how many head slaps i get i'll still love him!!!!!!


I love Mark Harmon would watch him in any thing Love NCIS will watch that all day


Love Mark since St. Elsewhere.......never miss NCIS as mattter of fact I'm a member of Mark Harmon's International Fan Page.....join us . :-)


I watch NCIS all the time,my day wouldn't be complete with out it. I think I've seen every rerun there is to see.and Mark Harmon is the sexiest man around..........!


I've had such a HUGE crush on Marc Harmon since I saw him in that Movie "Summer School" with Kristey Alley.
He's So handsome & has morals.
You NEVER hear any of that "STAR DRAMA" about him.
He's truly beautiful on the inside & obviously outside.
I would honestly love a shot at meeting him in person.
You know he's hot when your grown adult Woman & are still 'Crushin" on someone.

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