Kate Walsh will exit Private Practice after Season 6. Should the show go on without her?

One Happy Addison

i don't think it should be the last season just because of her leaving. i don't watch pp because of her. i watch it because the stories are great and i adore amilia.. it rather doesn't make sense to end the series just because of one actress...


exactly!!!!it's all about her!


I hate to say it.. But if Kate is really leaving then Season 6 NEEDS TO BE the last season.. I mean, PP without Addison is like GA without Meredith.. @diogo: I don't really think she'll be going back to Grey's Antomy.. Wouldn't make any sense because she has no reason to..


I agree with lillian.. What's the point without her?? The show is her... I hopse she's back to grey's anatomy!!


Isn't the show all about her life, and practice? What's the point without her?

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