Should Serena end up with Dan on Gossip Girl?

Dan and Serena Ridin'

SHe should end up with Nate.....First of Dan wrote a book about how basically is in love with Clair aka Blair and made Serena out to be some dumbass. NOw he's writing a tell all book, air out everyone's dirty laundry except for his self. All te wile Serena was missing Dan was plotting against her. Nate gave up his big story to save his company just to find her..... Oh wait remember the time Serena's grandma died and Dan was smooching on Blair at the hospital in front of Serena??.....or what about the time Serena got in a car wreck and Nate slept over at the hospital and stayed by her side while Dan was falling in love with Vanessa. Dan is a hipocritical asshole that does not deserve Serena.

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