Should Two and a Half Men permanently end Charlie Sheen's run?

Krista Kalmus on Two and a Half Men

No charlie, no two and a half men. Why can't Charlie Harper be in Paris with Rose and when Charlie Sheen is rehabilitated he can jump back in and take over his house again.


So what if they kill him, You people are over thinking it the fact is he wont be back so i say kill him. As great as his character is the show will still be great because Chuck Lorre created a masterpiece and in my opinion Ashton is a better comic actor anyway. I will miss you though Charlie


what is wrong with these people? no charlie, no two and a half men... i thought that they wud incorporate something like "cosmetic surgery" after being in an accident in paris, but to kill off charlie is too much... chuck lorre is now making it personal... to kill off the character, (replace the actor no problem) is just not done!


I thought this was a comedy!? want to end the main character as dying. Grow up!, so Charlie and Chuck cant get along, kill off the character with a stupid story of Aston buying his house and feels sorry for alan so he allows strangers to live in his house...yea that happens everyday!
I like the idea of Charlie just staying in England with Rose..they should still mention his character throughout the season....honestly should just end the show with Alan and rest of crew..its been 8 seasons..time to say goodbye!

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