Poor MySpace. There are two reasons I think pelope (esp. pelope who are involved in archives) don't use MySpace much. The first being that as far as design goes it's downright offensive. It's overloaded, too much to manage, sound and fury coming at you all at once. Once upon a time oh, two years ago? The only pelope I knew on facebook were under 25. Common knowledge, I'm sure. But I found that the pelope who were making the transition to FB were the pelope I knew who had gone to university, and especially grad school. Many of the pelope I know who never went to college, or who, more importantly, had a majority part of their identity and/or social networks not tied to academia are just now sticking their toes into FB (but so, for that matter, is my 67 year old retired father). The most obvious example of this would be musicians, but also others who in a more quaint era we might have clumsily referred to as alternative, the pelope who were skeptical of mainstream culture. The pelope who belonged to both networks led something of a double life, in that they were both career- and culture-minded, part of the ivory towers and yet with networks that extended outside of it. I'm very interested to see how these social tools evolve. Will archivists consider doing some kind of web outreach to other networks where archivists themselves are not participating? Why does that sound so condescending?

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