So, how we know who killed Rosie Larsen? Are you satisfied with the answer?

The Killing Finale Scene
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    I loved this show, and looked forward to watching it each week. Hope they bring Holder and Linden back...


    Please, no more. This series was far too long - by the end I couldn't care less who the killer was. So many red herrings and fillers that could have been dispensed with. Maybe 8 episodes would have been sufficient.


    We felt the series was excellent. The acting was very good. The Holder / Linden team was excellent. Every episode was riveting and the finale was heart wrenching.


    Back in the day seasons used to last 22-26 episodes so we would have found out who killed Rosie in one season. So in cables ever shrinking episode count we got our answer in 26 episodes and I was very satisfied in the result. I did pick Jamie as the killer in season one but had no clue on the reasons. Thought maybe it was just to protect Richmond from a scandal. My view for a season three if they have one - New city, new case, new detectives or just not have a season three (or more). End on a high note.


    I thought the season finale (series finale?)was definitely worth the wait. I thought every episode was well acted, and that the ending was certainly plausible. How ironic is it that Terri saved her nephews from carbon monoxide poisoning when Mitch left them in her running car in the garage, yet she pushed her niece into the lake in a car to her death. She also cared for her nephews when Mitch had left the family. Terri was a tragedy in herself, a lonely woman seeking love from a man who would never leave his wife. So there is good and bad in everyone, and that's why Mitch could only hug her when she left and Linden didn't think they had caught "the bad guys". Jamie thought he was helping Richmond by beating up Rosie, and silencing her in the trunk of his car. He must have wanted to be killed when he held up his gun, as he felt he had done what he had to do to elect Richmond. But what about the other characters who were involved in corruption, but nothing could be pinned on them? I think they're leaving an opening for a Season 3, but I don't think the ratings will support another season.


    To me it was inconclusive, I don't understand why Aames never got charged especially after Terri finally told the truth about what happened the night Rosie died. What was up with the new Mayor, now sleeping with the enemy?
    So many red herrings about how Rosie was unhappy at home, well after seeing the video obviously not. I was happy for the Larsens that they finally had closure, & that Holder & Linden did solve the case. But I was left with "Now what?". What's Linden going to do, is she still a Cop? Holder was the only real friend she had, so the way they parted made no sense. I don't know,it just didn't tie everything up neatly, so there was no real closure.


    I never gave a damn about who killed Rosie Larsen, only interest was in Holder and Linden...this icy couple who should have fallen into each other's arms and had made passionate love...never happened!!! How dull is that??? A good soap opera has a great love one even ever got laid in this
    long, dark gritty drama. Veena Sud should be run out of town on a rail!!