What did you think of the Glee tribute to Whitney Houston episode?

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Oh, for a return of the "cheesus" days! THAT was a more authentic treatment of religiosity than the Joe/Quinn storyline that is occasionally drop-kicked into Glee for... what purpose? To create a dialectic counterpoint to traditional Christian doctrines related to pre-marital sex? Or to ensure that Quinn has another hunk to bonk (thus proving that even people with physical challenges are sexual beings)? Oh, whatever... Kurt's cover of Whitney's hit, "If I Only Have You", was the only remarkable moment. Oh, that and Puck's locker-room toast to the Glee boys for sticking by him even though he's shtupped all their women... The rest was drek. Worse: It was exploitative drek. The only thing this episode missed was a shark to jump... which will occur if Quinn's paralysis is miraculously cured by a tryst with Joe... Puck... Finn... Sam... or (sharp intake of breath) Mr. Shue! 1/2 of a star, and then I feel like I'm pushing it.


I love Glee for what it is--music, music, music, performed by a talented group of young people. Add to that dancing, and the ability to draw tears from this old lady's eyes, and you have a show that I never miss. I love all the characters, with all their flaws, and especially the lines delivered by Sue -- brilliant! It's so refreshing to be able to see a tv program every week that delivers such talent relentlessly. My favorites are Kurt, Finn and Puck, and of course, Rachel, who has a voice that will take her places. I have to say that the dancing is extraordinary and the songs take my breath away. Winner, winner, winner is this show.


Whitney Houston episode was Great!! Because i Wanna dance with somebody


comedy? look i love glee but one has to admit they do thier best when they do drama. preggers, grilled cheesus, the first time. critics and fans agree thier best work. glee needs to find what works and what doesnt and stick to it. the episode was not a strong knock out. but i will give chps to darren criss. the emotions he had to express worked. for the first time i actually felt the hurt, betrayal, and anger watching a character. the issues klaine had were real. texting is cheating if the oersons feels it. blaine admitted to texting but in the same way. i liked we find out finally why they have been so dostant and blaines true feelings. not sure what i think abot joe and quinn. the songs were good. i would rate the episode a 7 out of 10

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