Sons of Anarchy Season 6 opened with a school shooting. What did you make of this development?

Juice at Work

Disgusting and I disapprove. I LOVE SOA, and think they could have done something else.


Jax's dad never wanted the gun dealing. Clay had his dad murdered to keep the club earning from gun sales from the IRA whos tight grip and influence probably won't just let the club walk away. With money from the illegal arms trade still being the clubs only way to earn real cash besides prostitution, Sutter used the boy as the catylist, Jax is the son of the anarchy, his need to exit guns is precipitated not only by his dads broken , failed exit and to the legacy of the club, but also as a parent of two young boys. Remembering that Jax is our hero should be clouded by the storylines constant reminder that he's still the bad guy. The shooting will hit home with our new Hero Jax, it will become the last "STRAW" the title of the episode was "Straw......Jax will be so disgusted by the act, and by the thought that his clubs dealings in guns caused the senseless tradegy, that it will propel him to once and for all part ties with Gun Running" permanently. Jax has talked about earning straight, he wants to do whats right, but his honesty is visible by his continued narrations that "when you live in the dark, when you make decisions that hurt others to provide gain for the rest , that the line between right and wrong becomes so blurred by the line between needs and wants, and that only by seeking out the truth of all the good things he's done and carrying the burden of the bad is the only way you can make true sense of the chaos that has become his reality." Sutter does nothing gratuitously, every event ties into the next. Very few people watching it in its 6th season are completely new to it. Those watching that are probably for the most part newbies, knew pretty much what they were getting into. Those disgusted to the point of committing suicide from the act or puking all over are probably not fans. Anyone with any sense , who stops and sees this episode as anything, will after learning about the past 5 years come to terms with Sutter and the shows in your face honest story line enough to accept it for what it is. The remainder who are still disgusted to the point of vomit probably won't return. Being the top grossing/rated show 5 seasons straight on fx I doubt the smaller of the two numbers aforementioned will hurt anything. It's not like you tuned into Martha Stewart and saw the shooting, or witnessed an Anal prison rape scene at church service on Sunday. This is a story about an outlaw biker club that sells illegal guns. So get over yourselves already. And for you parents worried about kids being inspired to emulate the act in school next week, well that's none sense, scapegoating tv shows, rap music, movies etc is just that, scapegoating, and scapegoating this is just an excuse for bad people who will continue to do bad things regardless, and for those parents who once again are just too busy to turn on their parental controls or worse yet to busy trying to buy their kids friendships in place of being actual parents , which requires you to be unpopular by putting the kids to bed while you watch your biker soap opera shame on you. Sad yes, it was sad, disgusting in the idea itself that a child shoots up a school yes, but the blame for future violence or bad parenting it is most definitely NOT! Get a life people. It's a TV SHOW. and a well written one. If violent gun selling thugs had no carnage we wouldn't watch it. Life does not imitate art, nor does it happen because of a TV show, TV shows are inspired by real life. It's just the way it is.


Congratulations jax (charlie) on 50shades I know u will do an excellen job, cant wait!!! Love this show should stay on throughout the year and take holiday breaks even then should show u jax!!! dont cange characters, miss opie though

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