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Should Jamie try and track down her brother?

Should Jamie try to find her brother again?

Will Cameron leave the team for California?

Will Cameron leave the team for California?

Is Lettie Mae onto something?

Lettie Mae and Lafayette took a V trip so she could prove that she was really having visions of Tara. So is Lettie Mae onto something?

Grade the Manhattan premiere.

Grade the Manhattan premiere.

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i lost all respect for simon. the show from day one just seemed to be doomed. that kid should have been tossed a long time ago. qhat is his talent, it surely isn t singing. anyone can chant a bunch of words, thats not talent. this child should hsave been happy he was on the show . l a if he wanted to help this kid, should have sheltered him privately. but instead pumped this kid with bs how great he was. i can just im,agine if he would win 5mil what he would do. he wouldnt be around very long. i didnt esprcially care for ms francis, but she could sing. bring her back and get rid of this ungrateful brat. i will watch 1 more week, just to see if the judges explain themselves. this show should be called Lets see who has the biggest story and can display ignorance, drug use, being homeless, etc. america wants to see talent not hard luck fairy tales. simon cancel show and donate 5 million to some deserving cause. UNBELIEVABLE


Simon , How can you reward this disgusting child?. I could not stand his arrogant s from the very beginning. I kept waiting for him to be eliminated above all the other contestants. It turned all of us off to your show to see the choice made between a very good vocal performer, that could go all the way with the correct music, and a child of very poor character and not a lot of talent compared to everyone else. What are you thinking.?????????????


Wow, I am astounded. disgusted at the choices a couple of these judges made. In the first place, Stacy has an awesome voice and can bring it if given the correct music. This arrogant,disrespectful child is rewarded?. How can anyone in there right mind choose a child of this character. If this spoiled brat kid continues to be on this platform, your in for some real headaches to produce anything from him. Wow, again. X-Factor just turned me off!!!!!!!