Which of these makes the top of your wishlist for NCIS season 11?Vance, Tony, Tim and Ziva
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to see more in the storyline abby's adoption and her finding her brother


In addition to a serious live interest for Gibbs, I'd like to see his home decor move into the 21st Century. He has grieved long enough, it's ok to get rid of Shannon's things.


We all wood like to know why Ziva is leavening


A couple of phone calls from Ziva to Tony.Come on Mis de Pablo you can do it. Speak to Gary.Above and beyond anything I think you should speak to Gary and not through the press.As for all this stuff about loving people and being friends forever I do not bye it.This is a job like any job and once people leave that is it. As for the future I want Mcgee to have a serious relationship for a change as Abby would never work and the actress does not want it any way.Same for Gibbs.


We would like to know why Viva is leaving the show. We are dissapointed that she's leaving the show it won't be the same without her. BRING ZIVA BACK.