How do you feel about Alexis Castle?

A Death Row Case

Where is all this coming from? Let's not forget that she began the series watching her father sign his name on rich debutant's chests. After the Castle sycophants she's been used to having in and out of her life Pi is refreshing and real as anyone in the Earth-wide community environmental science can attest. Get off your middle American suburban neighborhood high-horse, turn off Rush Limbaugh, and look at the world. As for her attitude-It only takes one life-altering event to alter your life. He rescued her, yes. Who was the kidnapped hostage? Her stupidity and fault! This attitude smacks of "Sorry folks but you should have known better than to work in the World Trade Center". Who bails who out of jail? I love Pi (Way more than up-tight, self-centered Ashley) and would move him in in a heart beat.


Can't stand Alexis, find Pi stupid. Both need to disappear from Castle. Why marlowe decided to take a smart young woman like Alexis and make her pompous, snotty and nasty... and for Castle to just take it... is beyond me. It's really bad TV.


I don't know why the writers are portraying Alexis as an ungrateful pompous know it all brat. Iv always loved her character but this season she is all high and mighty. It is not an accurate portrayal of a teen daughter in college. She treats castle like he is an idiot and like she is the parent. Not liking Alexis at all this season. She needs to get off her high all mighty horse and stop acting like a complete brat.


castleguest - YES. Bingo.


People's annoyance with Alexis is a reflection of the true source of their annoyance--PI.


I love Alexis she will come around. I do not have any doubts.


I love Alexis since the very beginning and I don't like the way they are prorating her this season and not to mention this so called boyfriend is so annoying. I can't wait until they get rid of him and put her with someone new sorry Alexis but I agree with your dad Pi has got to go.


I don't think that it is the irresponsible teen behavior that most fans are objecting to. The behavior in itself, moving in with a boyfriend, etc., is fine. It is the terribly inconsiderate and downright rude treatment of her father that we hate. Moving a stranger into HIS loft without so much as a phone call? Telling him that she is smarter than him, when less than a year ago he had to risk his life and his fortune to rescue her, partly because of her stupidity on the internet? These are the things that we hate.

@ castleguest

i love alexis.
just not this season.
castleguest = spot on.

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