They have almost all premiered, so sound off now: What is the best new show of the fall season?

The Originals Cast Picture

The originals by far. I hope it gets picked up :)


The originals is by far the best new show


Why is Betrayal not on the poll list so people can vote foe it? And why is The Originals not getting better ratings if a third of respondents consider it their favorite new show?


I don't like polls like this. For me it's a terrible poll. I like (equally well): The Black List, Sleepy Hollow, Agents of SHIELD, The Tomorrow People. These would Score an A Scoring a B would be: Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Masters of Sex. So, I couldn't vote. For me to put the Black List above Agents of SHIELD would as bad as putting Sleepy Hollow above the Tomorrow People and vice versa.

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