House has completed its run. What grade would you give it?

House Finale Picture

@Elaine: Nice summation for a true 'A' series that House really was. I'm not sure where Aurora B is coming from with that 'D' assessment,...I mean, c'mon,...177 episodes---second probably to only the greatness of NCIS as far as current series go---how many seasons do you go to rate above a 'D'?? I'll be interested in seeing what Hugh L. does next.


I give it a "D," simple for the reason that it started out as a fairly well-done medical procedural and then turned into pure schlock. David Shore couldn't live up to his own ideals, so he succumbed to "mainstream mentality."


On the basis of 177 episodes over 8 years, a rating of "A" is the only fair & logical rating. The density of the scripts with its complex medical terminology and brilliantly written twists and turns, the obvious physical demands on many of the actors--especially HL--has been stunning to watch and a real lesson in what acting and TV can and should be: informative yet entertaining, sophisticated yet funny, moving, yet maddening. Week after week, House has set a high bar that I hope some other creators/writers/actors/cinematographers/set constructionists will soon match or exceed. Enough with crummy, low budget, mindless, non-creative "Reality" shows. If I want reality, I can get that by standing on the corner watching the crazies act out without using my electricity. I want what House offered and I want it on a consistent basis. This show has always been a winner and I submit it will maintain its place in TV history for decades to come.
"House" has laid down the gauntlet. Let's see what others can do.

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