Pick the story you'd most like to see on The Mentalist season 6.

Investigating an Heiress

I would like to see more background information on Jane's time in the mental institution. I think it would be interesting if RJ killed a few members on Jane's list and put some of the team members in peril.


One thing not on the list that I'd like to see is more info on Jane's carney background. We have been given to understand that he was seriously abused as a child, in foster care and Children's Protective Services, that he never knew his mother so what happened to her and why was his father still wearing his wedding ring when Jane was 15 years old. Why the hostility from Sean Barlow? Did RJ dig into Jane's carney past to find ways to torture Jane? Did he have a minion check Jane's psychiatric record and therefore learn of Jane's only happy childhood memory so he could destroy it? What is it about RJ that turned him into a serial killer who thinks he is doing good with his woo-woo ideology? I also want to know more about Visualize operations. The writers have lots to do and not many episodes to do it in.


It was hard to pick just one cuz I'd like to see ALL of them. If this is the final season I suppose we will see all, it's just a matter of when. Regardless, I'd like to see enough of the RJ operation to be close to certain we know who RJ is. Then we can get lots of suspense as Jane and Lisbon get closer or further from making the ID, sometimes in great danger only we know exists in that situation. Basically I want the hunt to zero in closer and closer with ever better clues until the last few eps of nail biting leading to RJ entrapment and gut-ripping (which he deserves - Jane has shown no hesitation in giving a vicious killer what he deserves). I have figured that Judge Mansfield (or is it Manchester) is a friend of RJ (per Jared's partial bloody message in Red John's Friends) so I will watch him closely, with trepidation lest Lisbon say something that he tells RJ and puts Jane and/or Lisbon in danger.


1. I want to know the three secrets Jane knows about Lisbon.
2. A Lisbon arc.
3. Jane to be worried about Lisbon because of Red John.
4. Finally catch Red John.
5. Jane and Lisbon kiss.

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