Choose the story line you'd like to see most on Scandal season 3.

The Team at Work

I want to know more about Abby and Harrison. Olivia and fitz should end it. Olivia and Jake should be the new couple. If not him please find a better looking man than her ex. P.S. I never expected the top hit man to be her father. I can't believe he places a hit on his own daughter.


I'd like to know more about OPA's past. What kind of woman was Abby before her divorce ? How did Olivia know her at that time ? And why the hell would she have helped some guy like Harrison ? Why Harrison and not an other guy ? There's a lot of questions which deserves better than three lines on the storyboard.


Unlike some of the respondents here, I would not want to see Fitz and Mellie divorce. If this is there the story is headed they should have done it in Season 2. The fact that they didn't shows that there is more to come. Theirs is a fascinating love-hate relationship. Honestly, I really cannot understand that Fitz would stay in this marriage for 20 years if had not had any feelings for Mellie (because she does have feelings for him; that can be seen in the last episodes of the season). If he only viewed it as a political marriage then he is far more guilty when she is. I agree that Olivia and Fitz are both at their best and their worst when they are together. They have great chemistry and they look very happy together. However, I cannot help but cringe at the way Fitz pursues her, everywhere. There is a great deal of forbidden lust there... I don't know of this is what healthy love looks like. Their "plan" to eventually move Olivia to the White House, to me, was the lowest point of the show. I don't think Olivia and Fitz really understand Mellie or the American people. My prediction for the season: Olivia tries to move on with her life (I think she was outed precisely so that the White House would be out of limits for her). She gets totally committed to her gladiators, occasionally teaming up with David Rosen (another very sympathetic character). Huck gets help and maybe feelings develop between him and Quinn. Abbey and David find the courage to forgive each other and begin dating again. Maybe Jake reappears and tries to win Olivia back. And Fitz and Mellie are working together on his reelection... with Olivia watching from afar and giving occasional advice... until a crises brings her back into their circle and then... who knows?

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