It's the summer of 2013. Which show has you most excited?

Pretty Little Liars and Mona

Burn Notice!


Major Crimes has my vote! A compelling drama that has easily stood out from it's predecessor The Closer!
Well worth watching. Mary McDonnell and this amazing cast have taken this show to a whole new level of crime solving!

Josie leeds

Covert Affairs then Rizzoli & Iles...which isn't on your list---why not???? I might break down and watch Under the Dome--if the 1st episode isn't too depressing, I might even watch it again. Royal Pains, Necessary Roughness and MAYBE Burn Notice will fill in the blanks until other fav's return in fall.


I'm like the one that said the entire USA lineup. I love all of those shows. Plus Rookie Blue.

Beverly brooks

Love that Glades will start Monday as well as Longmire. Then followed by Suits.

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