Which show do you want to see return next summer?

The Two Leads
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common law!!!!!!!!!!!!
I'm reallyyyyyyyyyy love this SHOW I want to see more.


Common law S2 please!


Common law S2����


common law please!!!!!!
i really really really like it!!!!!!!


Common Law!! I love this show!


Cannot stand Franklin and Bash. Totally hate Fairly Legal's second season. Did love the actress palying Loren. Give that woman her own show. Ice Queen with warm heart? She played it to perfection.


common law!


Not a really relevant poll because some all the shows had longer arc than Political Animals which was likely more scintillating and more scandalous not to mention more recent then the rest. I like them all but perhaps TNT can take a page from the USA network what seems to be dominating the poll and remove then need for the service provider so if you are busy like me and travel a lot and do not subscribe to cable you can still watch your favorite program on the go anywhere. That turned me off so much that I missed the Closer finale and could not even see how it culminated. Tragic I dare say short sighted.


Waiting to hear about Season 2 for Common Law... need to know its coming back!!!


i really hope to see common law next summer. please renew it!