Help Elena decide: which brother should she choose to close out season three of The Vampire Diaries?

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I know that everything's gonna change now when Elena became a vampire and she will know now that Damon met her first....but Elena and Stefan....they are just mean to be. I like Damon on some way...he is sexy, sweet, loves Elena and care about her. He would do anything for her. Stefan is nice, always here for her too. They both are giving her strength to go on. But before everything Stefan was here for her, help her with everything and Damon....he was still running for Kath.....he knew he met Elena...but he didn't try to do something to be there....he was so much in Kath...and later when he figure it out, that he wants Elena, now he is hurt. That's different!!
I like them both, it's hard to tell...but that's my opinion..we will all see what is going to be. :D


Well its always STEFAN and it must be Stefan, . Yes, Nina and Ian are Real life couples but its vampire diaries, so I think its really Stefan Elena should choose. :)


STEFAN no doubt! okayy damon is crazy sexy and all. oh and that look he gives her godd I'd do him in a blink!
But despite his hotness if I were her I'd never let go of stefan he's gorgeous,calm &mysterious not in a scary way I dunno he just has that honest love for her its like he's always perfect and with him you know it'll always be okay he's a forever deal guy. I absolutely choose stefan they seem right together.


She needs to choose Damon!! Katherine chose Stefan, and it's always Damon that loses the person he loves! It's not fair on him at all and he would do anything for Elena, and he had met Elena first!!!


I really think she should get together with Damon. I mean they met first...which Elena will know in the next season^^ They have the passion a deeper connection that really can't be explained which make this love even abit of a mystery and abit magical^^ ( am I abit too cheasy? O.o) Anyway they understand eachother in another kind of level and Damon always makes Elena stronger and changes her. He is also the one that repetedly saves her life and as much as he makes her upset he makes her happy. You can't have rainbows all the time in a realationship that just gets boring and I don't think I have seen any true fight or down side with Stefan and Elenas realationship which will in the end not make there realationship or bond get stronger and there realationship will also just be plain boring... I love seeing Stefan and Elena together because they are so sweet and my heart is always filled with joy when I see the two of them really happy but...let's be honest here in the end it will just be boring to keep those two together O.o. And Damon clearly shows he cares for her so much almost more than Stefan cares for her if I am going to be honest O.o. He even accepts the fact that his brother have her as a girlfriend and still is there for her. The scene when the brothers say that they are going to leave town wether elena doesn't choose one of them...I think just Damon are saying he would leave because Stefan said so because come on...Damon sounded so unsure when he said it and he would never just leave Elena. He would always be there to protect her no matter what and that is why he deserves her. He is the best brother for her in every kind of way. He is a keeper for an eternity^^


Well since Elena is turning now...she'll probably remember meeting Damon first and Chose him instead :D cnt wait for season 4!!!


the show would be exploring something new and fun if she chooses damon-- but at the end of the day stefan is probably a better bf in more traditional ways but damon probably is better in the bedroom oh well, whoever she doesnt choose can always give katherine a call


Natasha, how can you possibly say that there is more depth to Elena's relationship with Damon than the one she has with Stefan. And since when does Stefan put her on a pedestal? he repeatedly has pointed out to her things she could have done differently, but that she shouldn't beat herself up about it and that no one is perfect.Stefan has been unbelievably understanding about Elena's feelings for Damon and has even said he doesn't want her back unless she is sure he is the one she wants to be with. It takes a real man to do something like that. So how in the world is Stefan putting Elena on a pedestal?? Puppy love? Stefan and Elena's relationship has withstood Holy Hell this season and yet their love for each other still didn't die. So your reasons for why Elena should pick Damon make absolutely no sense. Oh, and there is that minor point of Stefan sacrificing EVERYTHING to save his brother's life, and you want him to pay for that by losing the woman he loves to that same brother? That is just sick! Also, you would rather see Stefan have to leave town? My God, he just got back! And if he hadn't gone on that trip through Hell as Klaus' slave TO SAVE HIS BROTHER'S LIFE, Damon would never have had a chance with Elena. Damon may have the better abs, have a sexy smile/smirk and is more of the bad boy type than Stefan - which I know women drool over and really appeals to their self-destructive side - I being a heterosexual guy, find all of that irrelevant. So Natasha, you may think that Stefan is too good for Elena (?) and believe in that sarcastic saying that "no good deed should go unpunished" I believe just the opposite. So much so that if Elena does choose Damon, tomorrow night will not just be the season finale. As far as I will be concerned, it will be the series finale.


Delena Fan All The Way! Their connection is stronger... Damon makes her question her self, makes her life more exiting, Stefan is to plain. But I think at the end she will choose Stefan, even how much I want her to choose Damon, anyways she has him in real life.


I want Elena with Stefan. I love Damon also, but he does not belong with Elena. STEFAN ALL THE WAY.