Help Elena decide: which brother should she choose to close out season three of The Vampire Diaries?

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Is Donnie and Kate's relationship doomed?

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She needs to choose Damon! Shes already had her fun with Stefan and he completly ruined there reltionship in the first place, it was all his fault so now she needs to go with Damon because he is way better and treats and protects her better xx


I would love her to choose DAMON. if not there's always ELIJAH!!!!


Stefan and Elena should be end game. I HATE the love triangle between brothers.


Elena should stop messing them both around.
She will have a fling with Damon but when all comes to an end she will go back to Stefan.


Neither. Let the brothers keep their connection. Let Elena grow up and choose someone different. Not Matt.


im sure that Damon is cool enough for me and i love him so much,however,i do support who Elena loved at the first




To all the Delena shippers, apparently you all believe in that old saying, "No good deed goes unpunished." If Stefan had just let Damon die instead of agreeing to be Klaus' slave in order to save his brother's life, he and Elena would have continued on as they had been, a very happy couple. But the idiot made the supreme sacrifice and now who should pay dearly for it, right? Even though this is all make believe, that's just sick.