And the Winner is?

The Tournament of TV Fanatic has come down to a pair of names for the title of Biggest CW Star. Vote now between Ian Somerhalder and Jensen Ackles.

Poll is now closed! Here are the results:

Ian Somerhalder

Jensen Ackles

Total Votes: 30891
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☺ӄ I admit jensen is amazing and his performance was amazing in supernatural but it goes without saying that ian is Тђε best!!!


Supernatural may have more seasons than TVD but that doesn't •̸Ϟξa� its better.


I love Ian, but here are my reasons for choosing Jensen.
Just basing this off their CW performances.
Jensen has two CW shows that you can grade his acting on(Supernatural 8 seasons main character and Smallville 1 season supporting character). Just speaking about Supernatural, Jensen's character has grown and evolved so beautifully and that is because of Jensen's amazing acting ability. He has the ability to draw you in the show and feel what his character is in that moment and his charaters depth is so astounding that he honestly has you believing that it is not just a character sometimes. That is talent that you can't fake having.
Now I am not saying that Ian is faking anything when it comes to his acting, if anything I am saying that he is my most favorite actor on that show.
Ian only has one CW show to base his performance off of (Vampire Diaries 3 seasons main character). Ian has not had as long as Jensen to explore his character as Jensen has had, but he has not changed that much the time that he has been Damon. Ian is an amazingly talented actor and that show because he is very believable in his role, but for me I believe that Jensen is the better actor.


OMG ian I L♥√Ε YOU!!!!!


Jensen, hands down. Why? Maybe because the man is an amazingly talented actor and he's so gorgeous it should be illegal.


i'm not a bad person but you start to say stupid things about ian so i had to do something bcse i love him!


Neither to be honest .It all rather churlish and a matter of personal opinion.They are both decent actors and good looking guys but top star? of the CW not for me.


calm down! you sound like a stalker :D
i am bad in english (i am from germany), but i'll try ;)
Ian is a great actor and he's very sexy, but i voted for jensen anyway, because he's just a better actor. And you should stop to say 'shut up', because it's their opinion and you can't change anything about it.
sorry for my english again ;)


to be fair they are both as good as each other i voted for Ian but it was a hard choice