Who did Dan sell out hardest in his book?

Dearest Daniel

Its not fiction, his actually telling the truth as he saw it, the only part that was fiction was the dan and blair kissing part.
Hope he recovers from it though, his one of the best characters in the show


Louis should feel threatened by Dan. Dan and Blair - if they ever get together (fingers crossed) would be the most passionate AND solid couple that GG has ever had.


i voted for blair,and i couldn't care less about dair. who blair ends up with will not bother me at all. i dont care if she ends up with dan, chuck, louis, or even nate for christ's sake. dan almost ruined blair's marriage, and lying and saying that they had sex isn't right.he told the truth about serena didn't he? he couldn't put her on a "pretty little pedestal" because she didn't have a pedestal to stand on.


He did not sell out anybody. It is FICTION!


Whoever voted for Blair is an idiot. And probably just doing it to spite Dair. He didn't sell her out at all, if you had watched the episode, she was the only one he DIDN'T sell out because he put her up on that pretty little pedestal. Everyone else he offended, no Blair. It just happens that Dan's image of Blair in this book made Louis distrust her.


Is there an option for no one.. since, ya know, it's fiction and he doesn't sell out anyone...?

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