Which character do you think will be killed in the Nikita finale?

Percy and Amanda

I remember reading somewhere that Owen would play a key role in the season ending finale. I also read where the actor that plays Owen indicated that He would not be returning to Nikita. So based on these two assumptions, I would guess that it would be Owen.


The show has been renewed for a third season, and since you can't really have Nikita without Nikita, she isn't going to die. Ari and Amanda aren't going to be coming back just for the last episode of the season; if they did it would be out of nowhere. They will most likely be back in Season 3. Birkhoff and Ryan are too far away from the main action to be in too much danger, so the chances of one of them dying is slim. That leaves Sean, Alex, Percy, and Michael. I doubt that Percy would die as that would take away Divison's main and undisputed leadership for Season 3. I would say that Michael has the higest chance of dying since he is actually in Division, while Sean and Alex are simply being attacked by a Division team.

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