Who is wrong? Carlton or Kyle

Tensions Rise Between Kyle and Carlton

i agree. i do not like carlton. she is extremely paranoid. not to mention that she has no class. i am disappointed that someone like her is on the show. i really love the show, but carlton's presence has made me a bit disinterested this season. i hope they cut her, she doesn't fit in. she has no breeding and awful manners. its obvious that her parents weren't there for her. she is missing all the virtues. she is not kind and she is certainly not gracious at all. she is a misfit and her philosophy is horrible. shame on her for picking on kyle. i think she wishes she was more like kyle. she is mean, she is awful. she is the worse one on the show - making brandy adorable. she's all about sex and her relationship with her mother-in-law is disgraceful as well. please take her off the show before you lose viewers. we need more yolandas and joyces who are very kind, loving ladies.
all of the ladies have great husbands too. i'm surprised that her husband would be so open to allowing his intimate relationship with his wife be shown on tv. you know, that stupid play room she has. i think she thinks that sexy is everything. well carlton, take a lesson from grace kelly or better yet, Princess Catherine, Williams wife. Show some class.


I don't know where you dug up Carlton but she is poison for the show. Yeah, Kyle can say dumb things sometimes but that isn't reason for the wicked witch of the west to treat her so bad. There is something wrong with Carlton and it bothers me that Lisa. likes her and can't see that. But of course, Lisa is a backstabber and hypocrite. I love the show but Carlton is making it hard to watch.


I do not like Carlton and I wish she was not on the show. She dislikes Kyle for no reason. She is paranoid as hell. Weirdo

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