Which of The Real Housewives of Atlanta is the shadiest?

ATL Housewives in Action

I would like to see some real changes like show me what black women oh classe black women do with money this show has become straight hood


Nene is shadiest right now-although I love her- I see her as the team lead of the show. Everyone seems to follow her lead regardless of past issues the've had with her. So that makes her some what accountable for the outcome between the men and the women. I would think Nene would know better setting up the girls/guys with her line of questions , esp.since there was no one to truly intervene with some sense of calm to de-escalate what we all knew would occur! As a married woman, I just think its nobody's business what you and yours do, privately or publicaly past or present, and most certainly not a topic for discussion unless I bring it up! Keep the convo light and just have fun! Heck they could talk about " Who can do it for hours" or Or what is the most romantic thing you've done for your sweety. How deep or how logn is it. HA HA. I mean that would entertain me and my hubby...holla. I love my girls in the ATL, and I do not want to see them acting like everyday ignoramous- or the guys getting ghetto either. I see that every day all day, I don't want to see it on my FAV show. PEACE!!!! Love all the ladies and guys- just keep it light and fun...Let's change our
image- that the world has already stereo-typed "us color folks to be"
4- real.

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My wife and children, they left and the woman I thought was supposed to be there for me and cherish me, she's no where to be found.


Ria is the boss so I let Ria do her thing and I listen to Ria because at the end of the day, Honey I need my check.