Which American Idol contestant had the night's best performances?

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Who ever is writing this review needs to have his ear checked. Jessica is the best singer in this competition. How could she not get a 5/5 for the song " You are so Beautiful"?


Jessica needs to find a better song that really goes to her voice to win this American Idol, i think she needed to pick Whitney Houston best songs, she has her style on singing...Joshua is good but when he sing high pitch i cant understand the words hes singing, sorry!


missed the tonight show but im sure jessica did great, i dont care others said but she will be the winner, jessica


I love Phillip Phillips. He is the only artist left. It is a shame that he can't write a song and perform it. I hate these stupid genre shows. That is not the way artists perform. How do you think Beyonce or Dave Matthews would do in all those genres?


Josh and Holly did the best but I really love Jessica's voice and for a 16 year old I think she does VERY well.