There are rumors swirling over ABC Family picking up The Secret Circle. Would you be in favor of this move?

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    they have to bring it back please! i loved watching secret circle more then vampire diaries!


    heres an idea u could have secret circle on vaction in the show and combine it with the new tv show teenwolf an then it will be interesting when it comes back and ther will most likeley be millions of views, you just make it really good.


    the secret circle is beast, put it on abc family :)


    That is messed up. I really got into the show. bring it back on any channel that will pick it up


    please bring back the secret circle!!!!!!! :)


    Yes we want The Secret Circle back!!


    I think the tsc is way better that tvd I read both books all of them and tsc is the absolute best i didnt even know it was on untell netvlix and i fell inlove with it and i was so excited when i herd the 2nd season was coming on and just know found out it was cancelled no wonder i couldnt find it but i think if it was on abc that alot more people would watch it!!! PLEASE BRING IT BACK!!!!


    please please we want season 2


    please save yhe secret circle – please renew the secret circle – we want season 2


    i looked forward to watching this show i would talk on the phone with my my tring to fiuer out what was going to happen next ho can u startsome hing and just leave us all hanging like that not cool Love the secert circle