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Criminal Minds Review: Let Me Go ...

@amyazing68 The Twitter accounts of the cast members of Criminal Minds are: @pagetpaget @ajcookofficial @Vangsness @Gibsonthomas @GUBLERNATION @JoeMantegna @RachelNichols1. Shemar Moore doesn't have an account. The 2 makeup artists of the show are also on Twitter and they tweet a lot of cast pics @annafleiner @Dayne9165.

A.J. Cook: Returning to Criminal Minds!

Of course she’s back. She’s Emily’s best friend. She has to go to her funeral!!! This is the day you will always remember as the day you heard about the sad end of Emily Prentiss. I HATE THIS DAY! I love that I was right but I hate that I was right. I don't want to see Emily dying. i don't want to see Paget leaving.

Will Criminal Minds Kill Off Prentiss?

if emily is going to be killed, criminal minds is dead to me. i'll stop watching as soon as paget makes her last apearence.

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