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omg really who cares about raina?

Get That Beauty Rest

lol i luv how dramatic these two r!!!:D


i totally agree with Jess!! the Humphrey are so annoying! dan is kind of funny and doesn't try to be an UESer so i like him. but vanessa, jenny and rufus just need to go back to brooklyn and stay there!

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Shattered Bass wiki description (Spoilers)

Just as Charlie is finally starting to fit in with Serena and her friends, things become complicated for her when she is invited to attend the Constance Billard alumni fundraiser. Blair begins to find herself torn between the men in her life. Jack Bass returns to the Upper East Side and wreaks havoc in ways that could end up being devastating for Chuck.

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Chuck and Dan Spoiler (Spoilers)

im so excited!!! i prefer blair with dan because they seem to go well together but as someone pointed out, we haven't actually seen them as a couple. I just mainly want Blair to be with someone who is going to treat her right at this point. chuck and blair are really hot together but it seemed like he had her rapped around his finger which isn't healthy. and in the video he didn't sound like he wanted to be with her because he loved her, he made her sound like an object. and yes that relationship is good for chuck but not the other way around. chuck needs to be able to be alone before he can be with anyone. blair does manipulate sometimes to get her way, but at least she knows she is doing something wrong.


well anyways 4 HRS LEFT!!!!! YAY!!!

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Best looking couple

i luv dair so them or nair! lol even though my username is 4everblairandchuck....

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