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Smash Review: And Marilyn is....

I still want Julia and Michael in a cool made a baby kind of way. The husband is supportive now, but in the beginning he was not. He needs to move out,Julia finding out he had an affair and still is. The son, who I like can have a college relationship, and work backstage. Julia and Michael can start as friends and maybe flash back to how they originally met. Sparks truly fly when they are on camera together.
Love bad boy Dereck, trying to hook up with all leading ladies. Hopefully Karen is too smart, but I am sure she is up for revenge sex.
Eileen and bartender, what is his past. Love them together!
Ivy is so talented I hope she does not do the desperate thing and take the pills like Marilyn. She can be understudy and sabetage Karen again and be a hit, why not 2 great Marilyn's. Frenemies.
Ellis he is a great love to hate character.
Love Tom and his new relationship.
Keep it coming. With new gossip girl writer, I want good Julia and Michael story lines they are great actors, so are Eileen, Derek, Tom, Ivy. The others are ok, but are learning as they go.

Smash Review: Houston, This is a Problem

I still love Julia and Michael's affair. I hope they keep it in the plot, I also agree that they could give more background to the marriage and the affair. Julia's husband although is a nice guy, does not support Julia and is not into the marriage and I wouldn't be surprised if he is cheating. Something is up. With a son acting out a husband that is not present, and a handsome friend, makes good tv. I love the music and drama, but Michael and Julia, I want more, more, more.