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90210 Round Table: "Help Me, Rhonda"

1. I most certainly agree with Wild4Wilds. Annie will mostly likely realize that she needs to think about something else to win back Ethan. 2. Silver and Dixon were a little too easy to predict. I thought that Silver could of given a better performance but I guess it was alright. Now, Adrianna TOTALLY made this 90210 memorable. I wish the show was almost about her because she was completely inspiring. I loved it! And yes, I was crying. 3. Tabitha was hilarious, she brought a little something extra and I can't wait for her return. 4. I personally loved the original but also, the new generation is really picking up. It was a smart choice to have little cameos but I think that it will progress into the new era.

Gossip Girl Round Table: "Carrnal Knowledge"

1. I have to give it to Blair talkign to Dorota in the bathroom; "Did anyone see you?"...only on gossip girl. 2 I think that they were kind of important but at the same time, relatively boring. LOVED HER BAG THO! 3. Completely Rachel, how can it get anymore innapropiate than that, Blair was just telling gossip gil what she saw. Sidenote: Rachel asking Serena what Gossip Girl is...? Uh, I know that your from out of town but...get with the rest of the London Sole flats. 4. It's over, which is sad but at the same time refreshing. I know that I am personally ready for the love triangle of B, N, and S to come out again! 5. I'm pretty sure it won't be long term drama, but it's a new change of pace. I enjoyed the twist.

Gossip Girl Caption Contest 35

Serena: Wow this is actually my first time in comfortable, normal clothes....I hope Page Six isn't around...

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O Brother, Where Bart Thou? (Season 2)

first of all the episode was extremely intense. chuck went through some nay realistic character changes! it was amazingly emotional. i cried when he strted crying. I am confused, however about the couples in the series now. C & B...when is it gonna hapen? S & d...ughhh! c'mon they look great together. and lily should have just been honest.

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