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CeCe leaves all her money to Charley Rhodes but which one gets the money? the real or the fake one?

The Secret Circle Review: Daddy's Home!

At the end he well be Bonny's father, you'll see.
I really want to like the show but its so boring and I watch it hopping they well put or do something interesting but NO. The only thing I like about the episode was like the last 10 minutes and from there if we cut the ending they are just like 5 minutes. I was glad the circle used the're powers and more glad they get the're hands dirty wen they "killed" the witch-hunter but it was disappointing when they didn't actually killed him and as for the controlling spell they shouldn't let her talk because when she said she couldn't say the "spell" I was like you are talking and you cant say that? really? so next time don't do that because that is so pinocchio's revenge from 1996... This needs a little lesson from The Halliwell sisters (the original sisters), Sabrina the teenage witch or at least a talking cat like Salem

Revenge Review: The Body On The Beach

The story is repeating all over again, The women, the innocent men and the arrest in the house... Love the show and Emily's character for revenge. She seeks for revenge and she did not even see that she is turning into Victoria letting Daniel take the fault for something she brought on them. Love hos the show doesn't go the way we all expected in some sort of way and its always an OMFG moment (at least for me).