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MotorCityMama: the gun was given to Jane by Max Winters in the Episode Red Carpet Treatment


As far as season finale's go that was very good. The fact that Jane had a gun wasn't that surprising, as others have eluded to he hands were in his pockets the entire time. As for him killing Red John, he didn't, that much should be obvious. Killing Red John would mean the CBI losing Jane and the show ending. But I do believe we did at least "see" Red John. There wasn't any reason to have a close up of one of the security guards, I'm talking of course of the bald one they showed at the very end. To me he didn't look normal, kind of sinister actually, plus the close up on him makes no sense. Also the fact that he is completely bald could be a clue, a bald man wearing gloves wouldn't leave any evidence at a crime scene. Maybe Red John in disguise who knows but I don't believe Red John is dead. Sadistic serial killers don't just simply walk away and start a new, they can't, it's not possible for them.

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