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Since it is GG the more insane the better.... What if Chuck tried to purpose to Raina with the HW ring? He has it back now!


Chuck will think Blair is only after a 'Humphrey' because he slept with Jenny. But somehow he will see they are actually good together and feel upset. Then in turn we will feel bad for chuck! Haha. Face it Dair is a fling. I'm all about chuck and Blair yet I am excited for this new relationship.

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Can you tweet the writers? Song help

I am trying to find the instrumental piece played when charlie is looking/starring at the dress and when chuck and blair are talking. I have no idea to find it. Is there a way you can tweet the writers?

i only signed up for twitter a couple of weeks ago and dont really know how it works! thx

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Anyone whose seen the premiere (Spoilers)

http://www.tvline.com/2011/09/gossip-girl-pregnancy-spoiler-blair-serena-dorota/ Well the article confirms it! Here is my guess: I bet Blair isn't sure who the father is and will assume it's chucks. I bet it's dan's. All of this will relate back to the whole right love vs. great love line of last year. I will be shocked it she doesn't miscarry....they always do on tv. Of course somehow the book/chapter will make it's way into blairs hands without Dan knowing it. Now I want to know.....in the book did Dan really keep blair's real name in it!? Not smart!!!!!
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Chuck hurt (Spoilers)

I meant body part not location/city/country etc.
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