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OMG I would totally LOVE it if Tripp was gay/bi and had a thing for Fitz. That would totally throw off that whole triangle thing they have been building. I actually think that Fury is his dad too, but I don't know if the MCU has mentioned that Fury is related to a Howling Commando. What makes you think that Skye could be Ms. Marvel? I mean it would be cool because then that shows further crossover, but nothing about Skye screams Carol Danvers to me.


It was an extra security measure for Skye to prevent tampering. Since their base is a plane, it was smart to add that in since at one point or another, getting to that specific location to unlock the drive wouldn't be too difficult.


Okay seriously? Why didn't Koenig share the results of Ward's test? I mean COME ON, he almost nearly failed it to the point where Koenig was about to shoot him, a result that NONE of the other people on Coulson's team, and he's all cool with it? Koenig could've at least said something to Coulson. It's HYDRA! They grew in the very noses of SHIELD and this wasn't a red flag? Especially when the questioning became more HYDRA-related? Sorry to see Patton go...

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Meredith Grey: OBGYN??? (Spoilers)

So as of season 8, Mer has given up neuro as her consequence for messing with the trial. You'd think she'd still work with Shadow Shepherd since he's a neuro attending, but it seems, Mer is stepping back from neurosurgery all together. So the question is: what's next for her?


Well as of 8x06's promo, she's in pink scrubs. The only residents that the show has established to wear pink scrubs are the OBGYN residents... and there was a scene in the promo where she might be delivering a baby? Mer and OBGYN? I don't know... but it is something that's "different".

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SO Cristina is still cardio. Alex is definitely in peds surg. Lexie? I don't know. She was into plastics for a bit but that was perhaps she was dating Mark? Well as a 4th year, she might start de facto specializing like everyone else. Jackson's doing plastics. Although April stated neuro was her focus, I see her going more and more into trauma. Now, Mer was definitely headed toward the neuro route, but as of the promos for 8x06, she's in pink scrubs? So OBGYN? Can't be peds surg since she'd still wear the powder blue scrubs. Maybe neonatal? But she'd have to do peds surg first... I'm thinking OBGYN as the OBGYN residents that were on the show (remember the "I don't know" doctor treating Sloane's baby) wear pink scrubs.


Anyway, thoughts??

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About Dr. Lucy Fields

@tramaze: It's not an error. She is an attending, an OBGYN attending, but an attending none the less. Fields completed her OBGYN residency, which means she holds attending status as an OBGYN attending. Any OBGYN resident would have to answer to her. As an MFM-fellow, she reports to a perinatology/perinatal surgical attending. Once she completes her fellowship, she would be an attending perinatologist/perinatal surgeon.


If Addison was still on staff, Fields would report to her because Addison would be an attending OBGYN/perinatal surgeon in addition to being an attending neonatal surgeon. While she was on the show, Addison was the Chief of OBGYN and neonatal surgery, which meant that if Arizona had any neonatal surgical cases, they'd be deferred to Addison and Fields would've reported to her as Addison would've been in charge of all facets of OBGYN, including perinatology.

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