I believe gossip girl is possibly the best show created in my lifetime =] Dan & Serena are the cutest couple..and i Love blake & penn together also.. I go on this site whenever i can. =] its the best site ive found on gossip girl
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Nate or Chuck: Who Would You Rather ...

Chuckkkk!!!!!!!!!! hottayy

Gossip Girl Caption Contest 8

Penelope:*thinking* Why am I looking at my shoes?I hope I don't run into a pole
Elise: I hope Penelope runs into a pole!
Jenny: WHAT?
Elise:Oh no.. i said that out loud didn't I??


naww cute love them together... hope dan and serena get bak togetherr! =]

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season 1 on DVD. (:



i live in australia and im thinking about ordering it on

but does anyone know about how long it would take to get shipped here?

i need these dvds to like keep me sane until season 2.. haha.. and i havent heard anything about them realising it in australia =[


wb if anyone could help =]

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