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Taylor Momsen Stripped Down

i'm not going to lie, i really don't like taylor momsen, people can harp on about that being judgemental, but whatever, i take her by the image she clearly wants to portray, and i'm not keen on it.
But i think she can sing quite well, it's not amazing, she's flat a lot, but it is pretty good, and i like the song.
one question tho, help me out, is that taylor momsen or jenny humphrey??

Taylor Momsen: F*%k Being a Role Model!

@ok... lol, no it's cos you said 'you' alot, after I commented, so I wasn't sure :) @Laney
I think you have fair points, the only thing I will dispute there is that, to me, she doesn't seem mature.

Taylor Momsen: F*%k Being a Role Model!

I don't think donating was the issue, I think she could have expressed a little more remorse. I was quite taken aback by the comment because Haiti is so much bigger than a tv show, or a record deal. The two things are not on the same level in any way. However, if it is a misquote, then I apologise for judging her for that comment. But if it isn't, I think it's quite a hard comment to defend. and yes, I did donate.

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Taylor Momsen: "I fucked a priest once"...

I don't understand why people commend her for speaking like this. This isn't her not allowing herself to be censored. Anyone can say shit like this but they just aren't as insensitive.

For someone who thinks she's got the world worked out, she needs to grow up fast and stop acting out in such extremes in an attempt to mature quicker.

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stefan/elena or damon/elena?

just throwing in my two cents,


i don't even know why really, I just seem to like the ships that the show roots for from the beginning (or from where I start watching) and i'm not saying there's anything wrong with changing ship at all, just for some reason i'm too stubborn to do it.

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Cutest Interview - GLEE :)

hm, I don't think I could ever get sick of her voice, but I know what you mean about her singing all the time. I really liked Quinn's 'man's world' song, although I think her miming wasn't great there. But I guess that's sort of part of it, that Rachel pushes herself into the spotlight and has to have every solo.

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