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How I Met Your Mother Review: Shalloween

I am just happy that we are not going another year wondering who that pumpkin was! Holmes wasn't a good idea for this role, I agree.
stupid because of pregnancy?! God! What were they thinking? from now on, no one would let a pregnant woman decide anything!

House Review: Cuddy 2.0

Guys! I HATE FOREMAN! He was on my nerves since beginning! This episode was nice, I didn't get what was wrong with that guy or if he is moving his company or not. but... it was nice. I liked the last moments the most. I cried a little actually! I don't know, did House felt for Adams? I wish I had an office to destroy every time I am pissed off! I hate foreman!


I like this show. Definitely against Carter character! I guess they are going to ad Zoe to the group because of the connections and abilities and trades! It's really nice to be able to help people. I wonder if anyone cares this much in real world! I think this episode was the best, so far!

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