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Hart of Dixie Review: Lessons from the Undead

I love this show. And i actually really liked this epiode, it gave some good insight into the breeland family and lemon and george's relationship. I also loved the scenes with zoe and wade, which this episode didn't have a shortage of. I also thought the whole ghost thing was kinna fun, who cares if it was after halloween.

The Vampire Diaries Caption Contest 75

Elena: Stefan! Oh no. I'm in the wrong bed. Well this is etremey awkward...

Naked Damon Salvatore Alert!!!

Im not a fan of damon because i feel sorry for him. Im a fan because i think hes an interestiing character and that hes very complex and fun to watch. There are so many sides to him and i love seeing how complex he is. I also dont mind the fact that hes very attractive. I in no way pitty him. I think hes amazing.

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